Top Must-Know Interior Decoration Rules

Some people are born with unique ideas that help them create the best interior designs and styles for various residential properties. Whether you have those innate talents of interior designing or you are still getting your way around this field there are many rules that might come in handy for you. Nowadays many of us might think that rules are meant to be broken but having some foundational basis in any kind of art allows it to transform according to its full potential.

Whether you want to have colorful hues or soft blend for the interior outlook of your house following the 3/3 vertical rule can do more wonders for you than you think. Many times we end up with color combinations in a room that steals away the originality of the d├ęcor making it appear like a concoction of randomly picked items. According to this rule, you need to imagine that your living space is divided into three different layers vertically. The bottom layer needs to consist of the darkest shades which mimic the picture of a typical nature landscape which has grass and stones as the foundational basis. The middle layer should have a contrast of slightly light colors as it mimics the role of trees in the nature. Finally the top-most layer should have the lightest shades so that the entire room looks elegant and chic. If you are looking for the best commercial interior design London to add luxury to your living space then make sure to visit the website now.

Following the rule of third to set the tone of the entire room would allow you to create harmony among each item. Adding household items such as lamps or vases of varying length would make the room more appealing and eye-catching.