This is Why Your PC is Being Annoying

Windows 10 was a delight when it came out – it did a lot of things right that the older versions of windows just didn’t and because of that, we were really happy with it. However, even though windows 10 did a lot right, there are still certain things that we users have to do to fine tune the experience in a way. On this page, we’ll talk about one of the most common issues that make people’s PC become slow and annoying.

If your PC has been being a pain in your behind because of how slow it can get then you’ll be pleased to know that your PC’s hardware isn’t at fault and you can fix this really easily. Of course, there can be a number of performance related issues that could slow your PC down to a painful extent but in a lot of cases, the problem’s staring you right in the face (if you open the task manager, that is). Windows 10 has its own anti-virus system called Windows Defender, which is there to keep you and your system safe from malware and virus but the antimalware service executable can take up too much of your CPU’s attention.

Windows Defender is a bit too thorough and while it does its job, it can take up too much power while scanning through files, apps and your connections. The good news is that you can dial down its CPU and power usage without having to disable it and leaving your computer wide open to all kinds of risks. Once you follow what they’re telling you to do at, you’ll notice that you can make your computer run a whole lot smoother without compromising your safety on the internet.