Reasons to Invest in Mudjacking

If you think it is time to change your slab then you should consider raising it and getting the new look, it is a better option than replacing your old slab completely. Basically, the whole process involves pumping a slurry below the slab to raise it to the desired level. This article will tell you some very good reasons as to why you should invest in mudjacking.

Your old slab sitting on your house is way tougher than any newly laid slab, so instead of replacing it, you should get it mudjacked. There are many different places you can go to like mudjacking contractors St Louis. Besides being tougher than the newly laid slab, mudjacking is cheap, if you get your slab replaced it will cost you twice as much.

Besides the factor of cost, the replacement can be hazardous for the people around, it can very well trip since when the slab is newly laid it creates air bubbles which greatly affects the stability of the structure.

Mudjacking is also preferred as it does not affect the foundation of your home, all you have to do is make a whole and then pour the slurry in it till the slab is raised to the desired level, while the replacement process greatly affects the foundation of your house.

The replacement process requires approximately 2 days for the curing to complete and until it is properly cured it cannot be subjected to any loads while mudjacking can be carried out within a single day and can be used immediately afterward.

The mudjacking process is highly durable and in some cases, it has even lasted for 30 years, however, the durability is greatly dependant on the surrounding soil, if the soil sinks your slabs you will have to get mudjacking done again.