Let’s Hear It

Basketball, once more classic, now a lot more modernized. Basketball can leave the audience at the edge of their seats the entire game until someone scores a slam dunk and the entire stadium is cheering. Basketball lets players showcase their skills in the air and it’s not easy to do the kind of things that professional Basketball players like Derek Hood manage to achieve. It’s an incredibly popular sport as well as it’s played in many parts of the world. The sport is easy enough to get into making it a very friendly and accessible game to newcomers.

Finding a court isn’t particularly hard. Many schools and parks have basketball courtyards that are open for public use so all you really need is a ball and you’re good to go. The sports gear doesn’t entail that much either. In soccer, a good pair of cleats can really make a difference in your game but basketball is played on concrete so any pair of shoes can work out well for you, but it doesn’t hurt to get some new shoes to start the game with if you can. There are people who play barefoot even, but it’s recommendable that you use shoes to avoid any possible injuries.

The teams are smaller as compared to soccer too. With only around 5-6 people per team, the contribution by each and every member is much more significant. A bad team with just one good player can really make a good comeback when they’re down on their luck. Watch how dribbling is done and get some practice in yourself and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Having a role model in the sport can really help you as well and Derek Hood is one of many professional basketball players would follow his lead, just check out his stats at https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/h/hoodde01.html.