How Do You Know Which Water Filter Pitcher is The Best?

With so many types and models in the market, how exactly do you know which water filter pitcher should you purchase? The purchase and choosing of a water filter pitcher should be taken as it produces filtered water which is considered to be a necessity by many people as the water contains no impurities and is beneficial to the body.

You can check out and you will find out different products that filter water but our focus here is water filter pitcher.

Filtration Time

Many water filter pitchers have a specific filtration time and during the time it is filtering water, you would need to wait. It is better to purchase a pitcher that does not take long to filter because you would not want to wait for long just to drink filtered water.

Original Filters

Some people have this misconception that they would save money if they buy a filter separately but they are completely wrong. Purchase a water filter pitcher that comes with a filter because filters can be expensive if bought separately. Also, do not purchase filters that are not manufactured by the water filter pitcher’s company because they might not be as compatible.


You need to remember and stick to your budget no matter how fancy a water filter pitcher you might come across. The water filter that you purchase should have all the necessary features as that is the basic thing that you need but if you have the money, you can go for additional features.

Cold Water

Your pitcher would not give you cold water but you can get it by putting it in the fridge. Get a water filter pitcher that can be placed in the refrigerator without any problems.