Buying Tips For The Right Compound Bow For You

If you need to buy the perfect bow for you, you would need to be really careful about the purchase because there are so many things to consider and tally which is our purpose of writing this article. We know that many of our readers are into top rated compound bows so we thought that we would list down some important points of a bow that they need to keep in mind while purchasing a bow.

Draw Length

Draw length of a bow is a great little feature because it allows the bow’s draw length to be set to specifically the height of the user which means that it will allow the user to draw the bow to a certain length which is actually the optimal length of drawing for the user according to his/her height and that is the best draw that the user can achieve to get the best shot. Another tip is that once the draw length is set, do not try to overdraw as it will not work or it might even damage the bow.

Draw Weight

Draw weight is necessary in shooting bows because it determines how fast an arrow is shot and it is shot with high velocity if the weight is high. You would need to start at a low draw weight first but as you will get accustomed to shooting, your muscles will too which will in turn increase the draw weight and the velocity of your shot too.

Axle Length

When buying a bow, you would really need to know the axle length that is right for you as the right axle length would help you stabilize the bow right and use the bow to its fullest so know the right axle length.