Your Hot Water Systems And Their Issues

The hot water system can sometimes get complicated because of various reasons. There are many components that make up the entire system. This is why it often breaks down. It might stop warming the water when one of the components are faulty.

What to Do When You Don’t Get Hot Water

You should start by checking the thermostats readings. The thermostat could either stop giving hot water at all or it might only give cold water even when the heater is on. This could be due to a few reasons.

Check Power Switch

The first thing to do is to go and check the electricity supply. If the electricity supply is on then go back and check if switch of the heater is working. Turn both switches on and off again. Some heaters have fuse, check if your fuse needs to be replaced.

Check The Pilot Flame

Sometimes the problem just lies in the pilot flame. It run outs out or just breaks down. The main cause is the gas pipes getting blocked. There are many things that can block the gas pipes. One of them being spider webs. As absurd as it sounds, this is the main reason. In this case you’ll have to get professionals to check the system because then they will need to be cleaned out.


The thermocouple sometimes breaks down or it doesn’t heat up enough. This doesn’t let the heater warm up the water enough. The thermocouple will need to be replaced as it cannot be fixed.


The issue can also occur at the hot water tampering valves. These are the valves that ensure that there are equal amounts of cold and hot water.

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