Why Use a Flea And Tick Collar?

So when people think of various treatments for their, they immediately think about product treatments like sprays, chemicals, and powders that you can put on your dog to stop them from experiencing any pain or irritation caused from the constant presence of the ticks and fleas. However, with these things there can be a huge number of problems. Your dogs are complex creatures and you cannot exactly wash them like clothes. You need something that will help you treat your dog without it also negatively affecting your dog’s health and then also greatly affecting your bank account, because thee treatments can be quite expensive. In this article we will talk about the absolute best flea and tick for dogs treatment that you can get anywhere; the dog collar.

The dog collar is great because it can kill off all ticks and fleas on your dog without any direct contact to them. The collar itself always contains two activated ingredients, which in most good cases will be Imidacloprid and Flumethrin inside the polymer collar. The collar releases these ingredients over time slowly so that there is some amount on the top of your dog’s hair and skin. The great thing is that this mixture is not toxic to the dog in anyway, but over time prevents the fleas and ticks from being able to latch on and cling to the dog’s skin. The collar also controls the amount of mixture that is released and makes sure only small amounts are released in one go. These collars are usually water resistant, so you do not have to worry about taking them off constantly. You can even use one collar for 8 months on end as it replaces 8 months’ worth of treatments and product uses.