Things That Are Special to Just You

Jewellery has been around since ancient times and even though this might come across as a little hard to believe, given how popular jewellery still is today, the kind of jewellery we wear these days is more humble then it’s ever been in the past. In older times, the sole purpose behind wearing lavish jewellery was to show off your social status as a wealthy person – which is why the jewellery we’ve dug up from ancient times is so heavy.

Though we still wear jewellery to let others know that we can, a vast majority of us wear less valuable ornaments simply because they carry some sort of a meaning for us which only we understand. This is one thing we’re certain has never been done before in the historical trend of wearing jewellery. Gold and precious stones are more expensive than they’ve ever been before but it’s no longer a competition to see who owns the most of them anymore.

Mood stones and birth stones are some of the most popular jewellery trends we’ve seen these days and we feel like these trends give jewellery much more meaning than they had before. Depending on the month of your birth and your star sign, your birth stone may vary in price but that’s not the point. People are wearing stones that have some sort of a meaning to them and that’s much better than simply hoarding a lot of precious jewels like a certain Lord of the Rings dragon did.

Some people argue that there’s no point in birth stones since it’s all fantasy but we feel like that’s what makes life more interesting. If you think so too, check out for all kinds of meaningful and beautiful precious wear.