Should You Consider Solar Solutions For Your Home?

The sun is perhaps one of the biggest sources of renewable and sustainable energy that we have at our disposal, and one of the best things about it is the fact that it can be accessed from anywhere on our planet. Solar energy solutions have been becoming popular since the technology has become developed enough to be used in households. People are starting to set up solar solutions in their homes that harvest energy from the sun and store it in batteries for later use. Many electrical companies are beginning to provide products and packages to promote solar set ups, such as Tesla’s slim home batteries and IKEA’s solar solutions.

One issue with solar and storage solutions is that they can be pretty expensive, this leads to the question that should you bother making such a huge investment? Before answering that question, we should first take a look at what sort of solar solutions are currently being offered.

Tesla’s take on home solar storage is its PowerWall, a solar solution that the company claims is completely maintenance free and produces next to zero noise. The PowerWall costs a staggering 5,900 pounds and will come with an app that lets you monitor your electricity generation. Nissan; a car manufacturer has come up with its own solution that makes use of its electric vehicle batteries to store electricity for home use, Nissan claims that their solution, called xStorage is the most affordable one in the market, costing around 4,850 pounds.

Electric car manufacturers are not the only companies that are trying to break into this market, renowned battery producers such as Varta and electric companies like EDF and Eon are also selling home batteries and solar panels. Varta’s system consists of home batteries as big as washing machines and costs around 3,380 pounds, Eon and EDF are partnering with third parties and other companies such as LG and Tesla to provide customers with home solar solutions that will be able to bring down people’s electricity bills.

Even IKEA is providing solar batteries, they claim that their system will be able to reduce annual energy costs by up to 70%, IKEA’s price tag for their solar batteries is 3,000 pounds, excluding solar panels, so you can expect the total cost of their solution to be around 6,000 pounds.

Now that we have looked at what sort of solutions are currently in the market and how much they cost, it is time to decide whether they are worth it or not. Solar solutions cost a lot but they will help you save significantly in the long run, an average solar solution will cost around 5,000 pounds with everything installed, and depending on your electricity usage you should break even on this investment in 5 to 6 years.

A solar solution will help you lower cost and become more independent in terms of energy production, as long as you have it installed properly, it should definitely improve your energy consumption cost.

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