Newborn Photography Ideas

If you though getting your baby to nap was hard, wait till you hear about getting your baby to stay asleep while your photographer is trying to capture pictures. There are many different kinds of photography where the subject is sensitive and needs to be handled extremely carefully and newborn photography is one of them.

By careful handling, we don’t just mean that the baby might wake up crying if you’re not careful, you also have to be careful about how well the photographs turn out. All parents think that their baby is the most perfect baby in the whole wide world and while that’s just not true, consider the number of babies in the world, your job as a photographer is to make it seem true through your photos. Here are some newborn photography tips that can help you get better baby pictures that will make any parent happy with your work.

Make Use of Colours

Babies have sensitive skins that can be redder in some places and pink in some. A lot of photographers just edit out these colour inconsistencies but a truly great newborn photographer can make sue of these irregular skin colours to create great shots. You can contrast the background with the baby’s own colours to create photos worth framing.

Overexpose to Hide Certain Details

A lot of new born babies have way too much redness in their skin, which makes them look too dark to capture with colours. You can fix this by giving them a white background and overexposing the image to get a softer and lighter look on the baby’s skin and an altogether great image.

Macro is The Way

You can use your camera’s macro mode to capture close up shots of the baby’s hands and feet to create very adorable and memorable images that any parent would be happy with.