How Do You Sign Up For Netflix?

If you are new to Netflix then it is possible then you might know about it much so we are going to teach you how to sign up for an account on Netflix without much trouble and if you wish to know more about Netflix then just search up about tv kijken buitenland and you would get plenty of information.

  • Go to the Netflix website and join it for free for a month so that you can see how it works and whether you like it or not.
  • Next step would be to choose what kind of payment plan you want to choose. Since it would be free for only a month, you would need to choose whether you want the basic, standard or premium package so that once the free trial ends, you would be able to continue with the package of your choice. The basic package includes only one device and HD streaming for $7.99, standard package would allow you two devices at one time and of course HD streaming for $9.99 and with the premium package, you can actually use Netflix on four devices at once with HD and 4k streaming only for the price of $11.99.
  • After you are done choosing your package, you would create your account by entering your basic data like email and password.
  • You would need to now choose your payment option and enter the information regarding it. You can choose credit or debit card, PayPal or if you have a Netflix gift card then enter the code and your zip code.
  • Once you choose the plan you like, enter your cellphone number and start your membership.
  • An important step is to choose the devices that you would be using Netflix on so carefully choose them.
  • Enter names of users that will use your account, select TV shows that you will watch and you are done.