Facts About Teeth Whitening

Most people are unaware of the fact that your teeth are basically like sponges since they too have pores, and anything that you eat will affect the color of your teeth. Smoking, eating berries, coffee, etc, will stain your teeth and their original color will not be retained unless you make efforts to actively maintain the color of your teeth.

A teeth whitening gel is absorbed in the pores of your teeth and then gently pushes out any stains that might be present in your teeth through these pores.

There is a misconception that teeth whitening can damage your teeth, however, if it is done as instructed by your dentist then your teeth will be perfectly fine and there will not be any damage. After each session of teeth whitening your teeth will be rehydrated and remineralized.

The key to getting perfectly white teeth is to use a device that can effectively reach every nook and corner of your teeth. Whitening trays fitted with UV lights are the best choice for getting white teeth. It ensures that any inconsistencies in the process of teeth whitening are eliminated. However, these trays are quite expensive as they are custom made and cost more than 500 US dollars. At https://blekatändernahemma.se you can get the best teeth whitening supplies.

It is completely normal if the sensitivity of your teeth increases after the teeth whitening procedure since during the process of teeth whitening your teeth are dehydrated. The sensitivity will decrease on its own after 16 to 36 hours.

Although UV lights give better whitening, however, they are not permanent. They provide temporary whitening effect and require regular maintenance. The process is quite expensive and quite time-consuming. And keep it in mind that there are no products that can whiten your teeth overnight.