Comparison Between Earwig Music Company’s App vs. Webpage

There are countless people out there who have no idea about the origin of Jazz and Blues music genre, if you are one of them and want to find out then know that you can read about it here. But before all of that, you all should know a little intro about the Earwig Music Company; it was founded in 1978 with the mission to function as a record label company, not only that but they also offered services of artist management, recording and producing music, and marketing and advertising the artists and the songs that they produced.

The company played a major role in promoting and creating awareness about the genre of music i.e. Blues and was also working as a social entrepreneurship as they made efforts to put forward the work of art produced by the marginalized ethnicity at the time i.e. African Americans. Although it was initially only promoting jazz and blues but with the changing times they evolved technologically and now they are better at handling all the operations smoothly. The company has benefited a lot of artists and now they have come up with an app for mobile phones along with their website as well. The application can be found on App Store as well as Play stores. With that said let us now tell you some of the features that you can use on the app, that are not as pronounced on the website, check them out below.

Simplicity in Purchasing

Earwig Music Company has launched the simple purchase plan that helps you in buying the music that you like. Not only that but you do get to try it out first and if you like it then you can further explore the artists by purchasing. The process is a little complicate on the website.