Changes That Take Place When We Start Working Out

According to a renowned concierge doctor, whenever a person starts to exercise, the brain instantly adapts to the changes and automatically assumes that the body needs to enter the fight or flight mode and helps you in getting through the situation. So what happens when fight or flight mode is activated? You might be wondering, well to answer your question, your brain will start producing hormones and once you are done working out your body would automatically feel a lot calmer and at peace, this is the explanation behind it. Endorphin is the hormone that your brain is producing at that time and it automatically makes your feel happy or good about things.

Although endorphin is produced to minimize the pain but it also helps in making your feel euphoric which is just an added plus. Not only endorphin but serotonin and norepinephrine is also produced during this process which makes you feel all the more motivated to work out. So apart from the bodily changes and mental changes that are taking place, here is some more additional info about exercising you can read about.

How Much Do You Have to Do to Feel Good?

You might be wondering how much exercise is actually required to get that boost, well according to a variety of studies a person does not have to exercise for two or three hours. Just twenty minutes of activity in one can is enough to help you in increasing your productivity and giving you the endorphin boost.

Frequency of Exercising

Of course another question that might popup in your mind would be, how often do youhave to do it? the best and the most advised thing is to exercise on a daily basis but if you don’t like monotony then try doing a mixture of exercises.