Can’t Decide Whether to Buy All Season Tires or Winter Tires?

No matter what kind of car you currently own, its performance would be greatly affected by quality and type of tires. Tires not only provide a smooth ride to the passengers but their grip and stability eliminates the chances of any road side accidents. Depending upon the road conditions and the season of the year, you might have to choose from the basic tire options such as summer tires, winter tires, and all season tires.

Just because you have the latter type that doesn’t necessarily mean that you would not require performance tires during extreme weather conditions. The roads of your route can get highly unpredictable during winter season and if the traction of your current tires is low then the chances of running into a collision increases. After a heavy snowfall things might get out of control if you don’t have specialized winter tires and it is highly recommended to be prepared according to the weather conditions. The tread rubbers of these tires maintain their flexibility even in harsh cold season and don’t lose their texture unlike other performance tires.

On the other hand, all season tires are the best when it comes to their cost effectiveness and fuel consumption. They are usually company-fitted in most vehicles and are known to provide smooth and quiet ride. If you want the best handling on icing roads in Canada, then you should check out the tires offered by Canada Custom Auto Works at All season tires are suitable for those individuals who have low usage and don’t drive very often in extreme weather conditions. These tires do not have the grip of a summer tire and the traction of a winter tire. To learn more about the best custom tires make sure to check out their website.