Aggressive But Really Comfy

PC gamers get really creative with the way they build their PCs; some of them stick with the minimal aesthetic and get creative in their own way by making a PC that’s powerful and cool to look at but not too bold, while others make their PCs look as edge and aggressive as possible. However you decide to build your PC, you’ll agree with us when we say that for a PC to look like a powerful gaming machine that’s distinct from your average run of the mill desktop computer, it has to look at least a little edgy.

Your gaming rig includes your PC, your peripherals and even the furniture you use. We’ve met some PC gamers with some of the most impressive PC builds we’ve ever seen but when it comes to furniture, they just don’t care. In fact, we once saw a full tower build placed on top of a bed side table with the monitor on the floor. If you’re building a PC over buying a gaming laptop then why not go all the way and build something that can actually qualify as a rig? And to do that, you need to start paying attention to your PC’s furniture just as much as you do with your fans and peripherals.

You need a desk that’s long and wide enough to facilitate your PC, monitor, speakers and even your keyboard and mouse while looking neat and tidy and as for yourself, you need a decent red and black gaming chair that’s going to support you through your gaming hours. Why red and black? Well, there’s no rule against getting this colour scheme but it just goes well with every kind of PC build, sophisticated or edgy.